Do Hamsters Need A Wheel?

do hamesters need a wheel

The hamster wheel is one of the most popular additions built inside many hamster cages nowadays. Its increasing popularity relates to the fact that they are super energetic and lively species who are born to run and play.

Want to see your little one happy and healthy?  Do hamsters require a wheel? Here’s everything you need to know about your tiny rodent 

Do Hamsters need a wheel for Exercise?

Yes!, Definitely. Your little one loves running and is known to run around 5-6 miles every single night. Being confined in a cage, hamsters spend a lot of time running on their exercise wheels to match the behavior of hamsters in the wild. So, it becomes important to get a safe wheel with a solid surface so that they can release their energy, cover miles of distance, and stay physically fit.

Hamsters in the wild vs Hamsters in the cage:

Hamsters in their natural habitat cover miles of distance by running every night, go on scratching and digging to scavenge for food. Their scavenger instinct is one of their key reasons why they love to run so much.
On the other hand, pet hamsters have a very little surface in comparison to the ones in while and hence make use of their wheel to fulfil their scavenge instinct.

The Health of Hamster:

To ensure that your pet is healthy, and do not gain weight or face problems with their digestion, it is important to make sure that he has enough room for exercise. Therefore, a toy wheel fixed in their cage becomes very crucial.
It is also believed that the hamster wheel also reduces the boredom of your tin rodent and makes them happy which in turn allows them to be satisfied and mentally happy.
Their love for exercise and fitness is an inspiration for humans and honestly seeing my pet exercise I also get motivated to do the same.
A quick summary of the benefits provided by a hamster wheel:
  1. Keeps your pet healthy and happy
  2. Allows it to fulfil its instinct of scavenging
  3. Helps them in staying active 
  4. Helps them release their energy

Best Hamster Wheels Available Online!

Silent Runner Exercise Wheel Silent Runner Exercise Wheel
  • Heavy Duty Metal Stand
  • Textured Running Track
  • Elegant Design
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Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wooden Wheel Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wooden Wheel
  • Fully Ventilated
  • Nail-O-Matic Technology
  • Flat running surface
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Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large
  • Animal friendly
  • Keeps the pet busy
  • Attractive design
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Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel
  • Value For Money
  • High Quality Plastic
  • Attractive design
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Zoopolr Silent Spinner Wheel Zoopolr Silent Spinner Wheel
  • Modern Design
  • High Quality Material
  • Silent Operations
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Prevue Pet Products Hamster Wheel Prevue Pet Products Hamster Wheel
  • Versatile Usage
  • Variety Of Colours
  • Easy To Clean
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Trixie Exercise Wheel Trixie Exercise Wheel
  • Fully Ventilated
  • Easy Access
  • Easy To Clean
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Don’t know which wheel to choose? Don’t worry. Being a hamster owner myself, I can surely help you with that too. Here is a list of my personal favourite best hamster wheels:


This 9- inch axle free design produced by Exotic Nutrition is one of the best hamster wheels. The design eliminates the dangerous centre bar reducing the risk of fur or tail entanglement. 

Its innovative dual ball bearings ensure that the wheels glide smoothly and silently over the surface, unlike wheels which makes annoying squeaky noise against friction.

You will truly love its silence, safety, and durability. I recently ordered this wheel for my pet. Initially, I had doubts that this wheel would prove to be too large for my little one but as soon as I arranged all the parts, all my doubts were gone.  

The pair of rollerblades smooth and silent and now, I can sleep without getting disturbed while my pet fulfils his instincts.


Suncoast sugar gliders come with Nail-O-Matic removable nail trimmer along with raised grid paw pad protection.With wall to wall tail shield, Suncoast Sugar Gliders comes with Kaytee Silent Spinners which are proven to be super durable in the past offering lasting built up.

Isn’t it a great idea to get your pet’s nail trimmed while they cover miles? The only issue thing I don’t like about this one is it’s too difficult to reassemble the wheel and the cleaning process is a mess. However, I’d still say it is one of the premium quality exercise devices I know of. 


Manufactured by Kaytee, this wheel is specially designed for quiet spinning. It comes with a heavy-duty wire stand and a 2-way attachment clip, so the wheel can be used either free-standing or clipped to a wire cage.

Kaytee offers small, large, and giant sizes and is best for Syrian or large breed hamsters. Overall, this wheel is a good pick I’d say. If you go for this one, just make sure that you place few drops of vegetable oil on the wheel hub (where the wheels spin) to ensure smooth and quiet operations of the wheel.

Enclosed in a spinner hub, this silent spinner wheel aims to reduce noise making them quite in comparison to the traditional wheels. This wheel can be used by your pet when attached to the wired cage and when standing free.

This wheel features a high-quality plastic running surface for the safety and comfort of your furry friend. With comfort and safety being the prime concern of Kaytee Silent Spinner, it ensures both along with silence during operations. One of the high-quality wheels your hammy will surely love! 

This super attractive hamster wheel not only is safe for your hammy but also adds to the beauty of its cage. Its super detachable design and super mute features allow your hamster to play at night without disturbing your sleep. Also, this wheel is super easy to clean making it convenient for the owners.

Prevue Pet Products offer wheels in four different colours to choose from. It is designed to ensure that the fur or tail of your hamster does not get entangled while exercising. Your little one can run on this wheel both inside and outside the cage.

 This wheel is particularly designed for smooth motions, the wheels are of optimal size and spin quietly. Its solid running surface with lateral enforcement ensures the right amount of grip and safety preventing your tiny rodent from getting jammed. Overall It is a good product. Also, check it out if you are looking for something more affordable.

How To Choose The Best Hamster Wheel?

You need to consider a variety of factors before choosing the perfect exercise wheel for your little friend! These can be discussed under the following heads:


Are you a morning person? Do the slightest of noise wakes you up? If your answer is yes, then you should surely consider the quietness of the wheel. If the wheel is too noisy then your sleep may be disturbed because your little one won’t sleep at night, rather run and cover miles of distance.


It is important to make sure that the wheel is stable enough that it doesn’t fall over easily. Consider the built and structure of the wheel before purchasing one. some wheels come are already attached to the cage while some come with a built-in stand. Both the wheels are fine as long as it does not fall over when your hamster is burning out calories.


Durable wheels are worthy of spending that extra dollar as the wheels may last for the lifetime of your pet.


One of the key factors to be considered while choosing the best hamster wheel for your tiny rodent id the size of the wheel. Hamster wheels come in different sizes and the best way to decide which size suits your pet is to observe it while it burns out calories.
Make sure that your pet doo does not bend much. Bending too much while exercising may cause some serious injuries. The ideal size of the wheel for a Syrian hamster is about 8 inches and that for a dwarf hamster is approximately 6.5 inches.

Alternatives To A Hamster Wheel

If you are looking for an interactive toy as an alternative for your hamster then hamster balls are the perfect fit to be considered.
These balls allow your pet to satisfy its curious instincts and cover a large area by running.
Another toy you can get for your hamster is a flying saucer. It also serves the purpose of defeating the boredom of your furry friend. Hamsters love to play with saucers as they encourage them to run and play.
A combination of hamster balls, wheel, and the flying saucer is the perfect mixture to ensure that your hamster is active enough, healthy, and happy.

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Do Hamsters Need A Wheel?

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