8 Best Syrian Hamster Cages Available Online!

8 Best Syrian Hamster Cages Available Online!

Hamsters are very calm creatures. Unlike other pets, they are not so loud, and they usually spend their time in either burrowing or on spinning wheel. Getting a home for your Syrian hamster is a tough job and it takes a lot of patience. 

You will find some products that will have all the basic facilities but not the best structure. We have listed the top-rated habitats that fulfil all the standards that the best cage requires.

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Midwest Arcade Hamster Cage Midwest Arcade Hamster Cage
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Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage
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Living World Deluxe Habitat Living World Deluxe Habitat
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Sage Square Playhouse Cage Sage Square Playhouse Cage
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Pet Ting Croft Hamster Cage Pet Ting Croft Hamster Cage
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You can choose any one of the following Hamster cages for your little friend:


This extra-large, super comfortable house will make your hamster fall in love with you. The cage has a lot of room and two hamsters can fit easily. If your hamsters are a little mischievous and they keep escaping from their cage, then this is a perfect choice.

You don’t have to put some extra efforts to assemble the cage. It does not require any extra maintenance. This is a sober cage with decent facilities. A hamster friendly house with extra protection. It allows for plenty of ventilation.


If you are one of them who likes to have fun with your hamster’s cage. Then this cage is for you. The is a cool house with some amazing features. It has multiple levels and allows your hamster to use all the space to play and exercise.

This arcade house is specially designed with sturdy material to keep your hamsters safe. The unique construction of the cage allows ventilation to the hamsters. Using the large doors, you can have quick access inside the cage. It doesn’t require any pre-arrangements.


This hamster cage is a luxurious two-floored designed to encourage hamsters burrowing. The plastic ramp ensures no hurt to their soft toes. This spacious house allows hamsters to play more and when they will get tired, they can relax in their small hideout.

This cage features two panels. On the top floor, there is a food dish, a water bottle and a cute nook where your hamster can have small breaks.  The Critterville is a smart and stylish habitat where hamsters can have a lot of fun on both the floors and on the bottom floor, they can enjoy burrowing. To ease the cleaning, you can separate the top and middle plastic set from the base. 

If you want your Syrian hamster to have some more fun, then SAVIC hamster cages are a perfect go-to. This is an adventurous habitat that comes with all the in-built facilities.

This jumbo habitat comes in amazing bright colours. This cage is portable, and you can carry it with you wherever you want to. You can also connect it with other cages to increase the fun.

The living world offers a super luxurious house for Syrian hamsters that are built with a durable structure. It has a small balcony with a hiding corner.

This is an extra-large habitat that allows hamsters to live comfortably. To save time and for a hassle proof cleaning, they provided a top that opens in two sections.

The cage has wireframing that allows complete fresh air to keep hamsters breathing healthy. You can assemble the cage within minutes that too without any additional tools.

This colourful engaging playhouse is the perfect gift for your Syrian hamsters. The cage is designed for their comfort and it is completely chewing proof. This is a decent cage with a lot of space and ventilation.

This is a bright coloured cage that provides ample space to the hamsters. Your hamster can climb u by using the ramp, to reach the top floor. 

To clean the cage, you just have to separate the top floor and wipe out the mess. This is a friendly habitat where hamsters can have a lot of fun without escaping.

This hamster house offers ample space for playing and having fun. The house provides complete safety and a friendly environment for your furry friends. It has wired top and the base is made up of plastic which enables hassle-free cleaning.

This is a very stylish hamster cage that gives an interactive environment to the hamsters. It has ladders and tunnels that engages hamsters in physical activities.

This habitat has some unique features. It provides a lot of space as well offers hamsters to use walkaway tunnels. The pieces of equipment are quite engaging and it does not require any tools to assemble. It is an ideal house for your small Syrian hamster. 


You have to remember some key points before shopping for your hamster’s habitat. Syrian hamsters have a different tendency of adapting things. That’s why you have to be extra cautious while choosing an ideal home for your hamster. The following are the tips you must keep in mind while choosing a cage for your syrian hamster:


When you will search for the cages, you will discover a wide variety of habitats. Usually, there are three types of cages- plastic, wired and aquarium cages. 

Although all the cages are different, and they have a different purpose. But, most of the time pet owners prefer wired cages over any other type of cage. 


Safety is an important aspect to keep in mind while shopping for a perfect cage. You don’t want to buy a house that comes with a lot of facilities but does not have any good feature and you end up losing your cute furry friend. Furthermore, when hamsters grow, their feet remain small. 

They might get stuck in the wired cages.
So, you can go for a cage that has a top made of wires and bottom made of plastic. It reduces the possibility of getting hurt and it also keeps hamsters safe from escaping. The ideal gap between the bars should be approx. ½” apart.


You are going to decide on the house where your hamster will spend most of the time. Thus, you have to decide on a house that is big enough and have ample space. Syrian hamsters do a lot of physical activities. 
They require space to play and extra deep base to burrow. If you are confused regarding the perfect size of a cage, then let us help you. Ideally, the cage should be 17.5 tall and it must cover not less than 150 square inches of space.


A house that does not allow proper aeration will affect hamster’s health. Hamsters have small lungs and if they don’t get enough ventilation, their health will collapse. 


Wired cages are great for ventilation purpose. They have bars that allow enough air to the house. Plastic or aquarium cages are good for safety point, but they don’t allow ventilation. 


Petting a Syrian hamster is not an easy job. You will the one to take care of everything. Therefore, go for the cages that require less maintenance. Wired cages that have a plastic base, are the best and it doesn’t involve uncomplicated cleaning. 
Just lift the wired top and wipe the mess. You can also wipe the vires if you want to. The more you maintain hygiene, the healthier they live. Plastic cages have a lot of tubes that can be complicated to clean.


You will find a lot of fancy houses with lots of accessories. You can introduce multiple levels and toys to create an engaging environment for your hamster. But don’t fill too many things at once. 
It will take more space and hamsters might not find it entertaining. Keep only important stuff like exercise wheel, nooks, ramps, wooden toys etc. The exercise wheel must be large and without any crossbars. It prevents hamsters from falling between the bars.


Go for the cage that provides depth for bedding. A deep layer of bedding will encourage more burrowing. If you are selecting wire cages, make sure to check the depth of the tray. 


Hamsters are a great choice when it comes to petting. They don’t ask much. They are not very demanding and their maintenance is budget-friendly.  You have to do a one-time investment in their house that offers the best security and a lot of space. You can later customize it with other accessories and that is completely your choice.
There are usually three types of cages- plastic, aquarium and wired. Every cage has its pros and cons. You can pick a cage that comes completely equipped or you can select a cage that has basic facilities and add some toys later.
You also need to find a spot that is best suited for your hamster. Hamsters are nocturnal and if you don’t find a natural spot for them, they might cause you some trouble. Choose a spot where they will get fresh air and mild sunlight. 
You have to find a spot that has a balanced temperature- not too hot, not too cold. You can use the tips that we have mentioned above and select an ideal home for your Syrian hamster. 
Don’t forget the ideal dimension for the perfect cage. The bigger the house, the bigger the fun.

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