5 Best Large Hamster Cages For Your Furry Friend!

5 Best Large Hamster Cages For Your Furry Friend!

Are you looking for a house for your new hamster? You might have a lot of questions regarding the perfect size for the cage or what accessories to put.

Hamsters are a great choice if you are planning to own a pet. They are soft, furry and they don’t ask for a lot of attention. Buy them a house and add some accessories to it. They will keep themselves engaged in the activities.

5 Best Large Hamster Cages Available Online!

Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage
  • Animal friendly
  • Keeps the pet busy
  • Attractive design
Available on Amazon
Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage
  • Value For Money
  • Removable Top
  • Attractive design
Available on Amazon
Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage
  • Modern Design
  • Easy Access
  • Transparent Tank
Available on Amazon
Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters
  • Removable Grills
  • Accessories Included
  • Easy To Clean
Available on Amazon
Kaytee Myfirst Home Multilevel Exotics Cage Kaytee Myfirst Home Multilevel Exotics Cage
  • Fully Ventilated
  • Easy Access
  • Fully Accessorized
Available on Amazon

Here we have listed some large hamster cages so that you can have a variety of options to choose from. You can have a look at these and make your choice:

1. Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage

Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage

Prevue pet products have designed a habitat that has multi-levels and provides ample space to the hamsters. The vibrant colours will grab anyone’s attention. Hamsters can explore, play, and use the space to burrow and hide.

For owners who want to customize their hamster’s house with accessories of their choice, should buy this cage. This is a colourful house that has engaging slides and a hideout. It allows hamsters to use the space for playing. You can add more toys or other equipment to your preference.

2. Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage

Midwest Brisby Hamster Cage

Midwest presents you with a luxurious hamster cage that connects with other cages easily. This is bigger than most of the cages that are present in the market. The habitat offers a lot of room for hamsters, to play, roam and explore the fun.

A flexible house that offers all the comfort to your fur baby is the ideal home. The detachable top makes it easy to access and set the bed properly. You can increase the fun by connecting this habitat to another cage. 

The cage also provides a 4.5-inch-deep base to set up their bedding. Overall, it is the right choice if you want a fully equipped, deluxe habitat for hamsters.

3. Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage

Gift your hamster an extraordinary wooden house to start their new life. They have built this house with sturdy materials to keep your hamsters safe and provide a natural environment. You can use a deep base to set a comfortable bed for them.

The wooden touch gives this habitat an outstanding look. Your hamsters will live a perfect life here. The habitat has 3 platforms, and, on each platform, there is a hideout. The platforms are connected through wooden ramps. Your little friend can have fun and then rest in their small hide house.

4. Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters

Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters

Now, you can create a natural environment for your hamsters, that too in your home. Savic hamster house has multiple levels and, to connect each level, they have attached ladders to it. The cage has a big, deep base where hamsters can enjoy burrowing.

The transparent tank makes this cage extra unique as you can have an eye on your furry friends and enjoy their activities. This is a sober habitat with lots of space and levels. You can add additional toys according to your choice.

5. Kaytee Myfirst Home Multilevel Exotics Cage

Unlike other designer cages, this is a classic cage, with sober design. It has multiple platforms and to reach the level, hamsters have to use the ladders, that is attached to the level. The house has a deep base that prevents mess.

This is a basic cage that offers a lot of room to play and bars to climb. The bars are made with 100% chew-proof materials. The maintenance becomes very handy since it does not have any additional equipment. 

Conclusion: 5 Best Large Hamster Cages To Buy Online!

  1. Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage – Best Buy
  2. Prevue Pet Products Hamster Heaven Cage – Top Pick
  3. Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage– Editor’s Choice
  4. Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters
  5. Kaytee Myfirst Home Multilevel Exotics Cage

Points You Must Consider While Choosing A Cage:

For a new hamster parent, it can be a tough job to find a durable house with all the necessary equipment and which provides complete safety to their fur baby.
Hamsters are very sensitive creatures and, to ensure their healthy living, you must be very careful while selecting a suitable house for them.


Hamsters are small animals who make their habitats in underground burrows. Naturally, they require a lot of space for burrowing. Thus, it is very important to choose a cage that offers a wide space to hamsters. Otherwise, they won’t survive in a house that hinders their natural habit.

You will find cages with more height than width. But they are not worth buying. Go for the cages that have more floor space. It should cover at least 360 square inches of the floor. Avoid those fancy, small, congested homes where hamsters feel trapped.


Sometimes, it becomes messy to clean a cage that has lots of attached accessories. The accessories you are using, and the type of cage decides how tough is the maintenance.
It is advised to clean the cage once a week. Put your hamster out, remove the toys, and other accessories. Put half of the items in clean, soapy water.

Keep the other stuff aside so that they remain familiar with the hamsters. Wash them next week. Clear the bedding and wash the floor and cage bars, so that no dirt remains on the house. Use warm water for cleaning. While you are cleaning their house, you can keep them in a temporary small house.


You can put any fancy toy or accessory from the market. But, if the cage has a lot of space, then only hamsters will enjoy playing. If you have a cage with comparably less width, then avoid stuffing too many toys.

Final Thoughts:

Hamsters are cute, furry friends who love to enjoy their own company. They are shy, and they don’t demand a lot of attention. With them, you have to be very cautious while picking the ideal house. A cage that has ample space and all the basic facilities is easy to find. But you have to keep some key points in your mind before finalizing the habitat. The selection of cage type, variety of colours, size, toys, etc is some aspects to look for.

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