6 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages For Your Little Friend!

6 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages For Your Little Friend!
If you are looking for pets for your kids that don’t require a lot of maintenance, then hamsters are the best choice to go with. However, it becomes a tough choice when we plan to get a home for our hamsters. It is important to give them an environment where they stay healthy and happy. There are plenty of cages in the market and you can pick the coolest house for your fur buddy.

6 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages For Your Little Friend!

Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage
  • Modern Design
  • Easy Access
  • Transparent Tank
Available on Amazon
Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage
  • Removable Grills
  • Accessories Included
  • Easy To Clean
Available on Amazon
Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Easy Access
  • Fully Accessorized
Available on Amazon
Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters
  • Multiple Levels
  • Natural Habitat Lookalike
  • Transparent Tank
Available on Amazon
Kaytee Critter Trail One Kaytee Critter Trail One
  • Good looking
  • Animal friendly
  • Very affordable
Available on Amazon
Habitrail Small Animal Cage Habitrail Small Animal Cage
  • Animal friendly
  • Keeps the pet busy
  • Attractive design
Available on Amazon

You can choose any one of the following hamster cages for your little friend:

1. Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage

Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage

Savic presents you with a modern two-level house which goes with any house interior. The cage has a transparent tank, where you can enjoy watching your little friend playing. This is a very spacious house and hamsters can use a lot of space to play and use the accessories to entertain.

2. Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage


A perfect deluxe home for hamsters which gives space to run. What makes this house unique is it has detachable grills. It does not include a food dish so you have the opportunity to customize the cage with your favourite food bowl. Cleaning this cage doesn’t require much effort. You can unclip the base with the cage and wipe off the grills and the base with a damp sponge.

3. Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage


A luxurious habitat for your hamster that comes with cool accessories. The heaven metro cage has a lot of space and it allows hamsters to hop and play in their house. There is a big door in the cage through which you can take your hams out. Also, if you want to shift the house to another corner, you can use the two big handles that are present on the top of the cage. You can buy this colourful habitat on amazon.

4. Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters

Another Savic habitat with an outstanding design. This is a cage you can buy to provide a fresh environment for your small buddies. This cage has everything that you need to set up in a new house. The Savic cage is a deluxe house where your hamsters can use the horizontal wire to have extra fun. Hamsters can climb up to reach top levels by using wires.

5. Kaytee Critter Trail One

Kaytee Critter Trail One

This is a decent habitat for your small hamsters, which has 6mm of the distance between the bars. This will prevent hamsters from escaping and it will keep them safe inside. It provides luxurious living space for better movements. You can use the front door to access the cage and adore your hamster while he plays in his deluxe house. You can also use Critter Trail accessories to customize their cage.

6. Habitrail Small Animal Cage

Habitrail Small Animal Cage

For parents who wish to purchase a small, decent sized house for their hamsters, Habitrail presents a cage for you which is built with durable quality of plastic. Wiring in the cage ensures no escape for small animals. Grills and wires are designed in a manner to promote full ventilation. Hamsters are perfectly safe inside as the doors have secure locks. The deep base helps in the easy wiping of mess. This habitat ensures the comfortable living of hamsters. You can add extra toys or wheels to beautify the cage. 

Conclusion: 6 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages For Your Little Friend!

  1. Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Cage – Best Buy
  2. Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage – Top Pick
  3. Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage – Editor’s Choice
  4.  Savic Habitat Cages For Hamsters
  5. Kaytee Critter Trail One
  6. Habitrail Small Animal Cage – Budget Friendly

Essential Considerations Before Choosing A Cage For Your Hamster

There is a vast variety of cages you will find in the market. But, you have to remember some conditions before purchasing it. You should not compromise with the quality of the product. Hamsters can’t speak and you don’t want to buy anything that will cause discomfort to your furry friends. These Include:


Dwarf hamsters don’t require a small house. They need a lot of space to do their activities. They need space for playing and exercising. You will find a lot of cages but an ideal cage is the one which measures 24 L x 12 W x 12 H. The bigger the cage is, the more activities your hamster will exercise. 


It is very important to notice the size of the bars. Your slightest carelessness can help hamsters in escaping. The gap between the bars should be around 1/4 inch apart. Go for the cages that have secured doors. Hamsters are very good at escaping. 

If you are buying multi-levelled cages, make sure to check the distance between levels. Too much distance can make your hamster fall and get hurt. 


For better ventilation, the best option to choose is wired cages. Plastic or closed cages can cause trouble to them as they don’t allow direct ventilation. Hamsters might struggle while breathing because of poor ventilation. Plastic cages are best when we talk about safety. But other wired cages come with perfect bar size and they allow better ventilation. 



Cages with plastic bases are super easy to clean. You just have to remove the base and wipe it off. Try to avoid putting too many accessories in the cage. It will not only complicate while cleaning but will also confuse your hamster. Cleaning cages is a tough task. 
The sober you keep the cage, the easier it is to clean up. Keep those toys that don’t take too much space. If you are willing to put some more toys, then go for the ones that can be easily detached from the cage. 



Now that you have chosen the perfect sized cage, the next step is to ensure proper bedding. You should prepare a bed which has a deep base so that hamsters can burrow. 
Go for the cage which have a deep tray and that allows thick layering of bedding. 

Varieties Of Cages Available In The Market

You will find a variety of stylish cages in the market for your dwarf hamster. Usually, there are three types of cages: a wired cage, a plastic cage, and an aquarium cage. Every cage has its benefits and disadvantage. 
The important thing to remember is to select a cage with plastic base. Plastic bottoms keep their feet safe, unlike wired cages where their feet can get stuck between the wires. 



Plastic cages make a comfortable home. Usually, they come with attached accessories. It is easier to connect a plastic cage with other cages. Since the walls are constructed with plastic, it allows many bedding materials. Owners can have a clear view of their hamsters from the transparent case. 
Talking about ventilation, plastic cages provide poor ventilation. It also restricts hamsters from climbing properly. Wired top Habitats Wired top houses make a great combo. They are designed in a manner to provide wired top and plastic bottom. It helps in easy access and hassles free cleaning. 
The best part is it allows better ventilation than any cage. Hamsters can easily push out their beddings through the gaps between the bars. Overall, this cage is a good choice for your fur kids.
Now, you can enjoy watching your pet playing without getting worried about their ventilation. 



From a security point of view, an aquarium cage is best. It has mesh cover which prevents hamsters from escaping. They are transparent glass tanks and thus hamsters can’t chew it. Aquarium cages give you the options to make their bedding as thick as you want. 
But, these cages are heavy and it makes it difficult to carry them. It is not possible to move them frequently. 
We have listed some factors that you should consider while selecting the right home for your hamster. 



Hamsters can make a lot of mess. Therefore, you have to choose a cage that you can clean without getting many struggles. Complicated structures can irritate any parent. Hamsters create a mess from their residual food and toilet. 
If you don’t clean them regularly, it will create an unpleasant environment and your pet might struggle to survive there. Pick those cages that have wired cover and plastic trays. They are super easy to clean. 
You can separate the base from the cage and clean it. To clean the top, take a wet sponge and wipe it off. Cages with multiple compartments take time to clean but they can be adventurous for hamsters. 


Hamsters love to run and play and for that, they need a lot of space. A small cage will prohibit its movement. Less movement will make your hamster lazy and unhealthy. 
It is better to take a cage that is extra-large in size so that they can cover the whole space. An ideal cage should be 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall. This proportion gives them a lot of room to play in. The larger the cage, the more they play.




You can buy accessories separately. You can add anything according to your choice. But while buying a wheel for them, remember to select the wheel that doesn’t have crossbars. Hamsters can get stuck between the bars. You can find other toys and accessories online. Just make sure not to put too much stuff at once in the cage.


Dwarf hamsters are very small in size and that makes them great at escaping. Make sure to secure the doors of the cage. Furthermore, the gaps between the bars should not be more than 0.25 inches. 
This can prevent hamsters from escaping and ensures their safety from bars. Sometimes hamsters are too mischievous and they try to peep out their head from bars. You have to be very careful or they can get injured.
Also, check for the distance between the levels. If the levels are too far from hamster’s reach, they will get tumbled down and hurt their head. You can use double security for extra safety.

Final Thoughts:

You can choose a cage according to your preference. It can be a plastic cage, wired cage, or aquarium cage. Things to remember- choose the cage that has does not have big gaps between the bars and it should be hamster friendly. 
Place the cage in an environment with a moderate temperature. Corners with direct heat or cold can affect your delicate pet. Make sure to choose a cage where they get enough ventilation. Your hamster needs ventilation to stay healthy.
Hamsters need to exercise a lot. So you must customize their cage with wheels. You can add other toys that they can use for climbing or chewing. At last, it is up to you what habitat you are picking for your small friend. But don’t fall in the trap of those artificial accessories that can harm them.


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